The purpose of the FMDH Department of Emergency Medical Services is to assist FMDH in providing the highest quality of pre-hospital basic life support care available to the residents of Valley County and the surrounding service area.  The goal is to recruit, train, motivate and retain First Responder Ambulance and Emergency Medical Technicians in Valley County to accomplish the purpose.

FMDH through Emergency Medical Ambulance Services oversees operations, for Valley County, with five ambulance services and one non-transport unit. These are the ambulance services in Glasgow, Fort Peck, Lustre, Opeim and Hinsdale.  The non-transport unit is located at Saint Marie. Calls for ambulance transport, transfers and standbys amount to approximately 500-600 requests per year. The majority of these occur within the Glasgow service area. All services, except Glasgow, are staffed by volunteers from the respective community or area. Glasgow ambulance operates a 24-hour on-call schedule with deep in crew configuration.

We thank our volunteer staff in Fort Peck, Lustre, Opeim and Hinsdale for their countless amount of effort as they continue to volunteer their time and efforts for the better of our communities.